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bike buying advice needed

RichnorthRichnorth Posts: 5
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hi all, i have been offered a couple off different bikes at similar price, one is a 2015 specialized allez and the other is a 2012 bianchi via nirone 7 sore (only done 30-40 miles since bought) looks mint. Had a shot of the allez last sunday and did 34 miles on it (first ever road ride as im more an off road person) felt spot on. havent tried the bianchi yet.

which one to get is the question ? or get both ?



  • Allez for me everytime!

    I'm biased though... I have nearly done 9000 miles on a 2014 Allez Sport. Only upgrade I required was a set of Fulcrum Racing Quattro's.

    Shimano 105 is on it's way as I have not really looked after it and worn the chainrings out!
  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    The bianchi obviously. :D
    It looks a million times nicer.
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  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    If the allez feels spot on i would buy it if the price is right.
  • With the Bianchi, you are paying for the name. They are gorgeous bikes but the Via Nirones are still 'just' their entry level alloy machines.
    If you go for the 2012 edition you would probably have more wear on the components to deal with, and almost certainly the groupset would be inferior to what is on the Allez now.

    Also, although the Allez is as common as muck compared to the Bianchi, they are still very good road bikes with racier geometry than most entry level bikes, and with a wheel upgrade wouldn't be out of place in your local crit.
    If the Allez felt right on your test ride (which is a fairly generous distance for a test) then I would go for the Allez.

    Have fun!
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