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Sportful Fiandre Extreme NeoShell Jacket

SanjaySanjay Posts: 108
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I've read the glowing review of this, but am wondering if anyone has one and if it lives to the hype? Is it a soft shell which is as waterproof as a hard shell? How breathable have people found it? The idea of having one do-it-all winter jacket is rather appealing.



  • gsk82gsk82 Posts: 3,144
    i've not got this jacket, but i have the fiandre no rain windstopper jersey, no rain arm, leg and knee warmers and have just ordered some no rain shorts. it's fantastic kit, if the reviews say its s*** hot then i'd believe it is. theres some sizes on bike inn for about £130 to!
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  • SanjaySanjay Posts: 108
    Thanks for the information! I've got a lot of the no rain kit too and think it is great stuff. Its the £130 price on Bikeinn which has got my interest too. Wiggle price match is at the ready, I just want to hear some more first hand impressions before pulling the trigger.
  • paul1000paul1000 Posts: 187
    I have a no rain top and its ok with a bit of light rain, but anything more it just soaks in, have tried nikwax spray and still soaks in.
  • I have the jacket..

    It's very very good. Fully waterproof, windproof and breathable to a degree. I use it with a base layer (just a standard Craft one, not winter specific) and i've worn it down to 0c and been warm enough.

    Got Wiggle to price match v Bike Inn also.
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  • SanjaySanjay Posts: 108
    Thanks Teebs, certainly sounds good.

    Would you mind elaborating on 'breathable to a degree'? How do you get on with it when pushing hard on the flat, or on an longer climb? Does simply dropping the zip do the trick for keeping you cool enough? Would you say it replaces a softshell jacket for winter riding? Sorry for all the questions!
  • Hi,

    I don't think that any jacket is fully breathable. Disclaimer: I do sweat more than the average cyclist, so maybe not the best representation! I don't think any jacket would be able to dispel all the sweat I produce!!

    It's truly a winter jacket, anything above 5c and it might be too warm depending upon wind conditions. For the money, it's excellent. I'm 5'11" and purchased a large and its a good fit.
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  • SanjaySanjay Posts: 108

    Yet more of my disposable income on its way to Wiggle :(:D
  • oldbazzaoldbazza Posts: 646
    Another fiandre/no rain fan here too;it may not be fully waterproof but you're never uncomfortable when the rain get's through;thinking about the bib-tights at the moment which a few places have reduced.
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  • SanjaySanjay Posts: 108
    I have the Fiandre bibtights, they are great! Keeps rain out to a point. Good in showers and for road spray but it will get through in a sustained downpour.
  • src1src1 Posts: 301
    I've had one a few weeks and it's been my go-to jacket over this mild, wet and windy Christmas period.

    It's properly waterproof, windproof, has a really good race fit with no flapping. The fit is very similar to Assos and Castelli - a medium fits me really well at 176cm/64Kg. If I think it's going to rain, it's the jacket I choose. The last few weeks have been pretty mild and I've just worn a light base layer under it. I tend to feel the cold, but think it'd be fine down to about 5 degrees C with the right base layer.

    If I think it's going to be a mainly dry ride I think I'd still go for a more breathable jacket like my Assos Habu and take a waterproof gilet as a just-in-case.

    It's definitely made my Gabba redundant.
  • SanjaySanjay Posts: 108
    Rode in this today at about 0 degrees with a long sleeved base layer underneath. It was great. Close fitting but just what I was hoping for. I wouldn't want to go any colder with it on, but I was perfectly comfortable in it once I had been riding for 10 minutes or so. Breathability was good - definitely not as good as my R&D Wind Jersery but I wasn't a sweaty mess at the end of the ride, and it was definitely better at the lower temperature. No rain today, so I'll await a proper down pour to see how it stands up to that.

    Thanks for the advice about the jacket.
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