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Pinno's New Year Quiz Extraveganza

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Same rules as the last one; just the first letter of the answer with the exception that the letters are jumbled up. Unscramble the letters. All clues are cycling related.

1. The powers that be don't want an 'A' from you.
2. TRI GRAIN (anagram)
3. 203km's of springtime pain for Harold's 3rd Beak?
4. A herd, a flock, a swarm?
5. He came, he saw and he conquered.
6. Charitable Spaniards who later had a conspiracy with freedom.
7. Cycling company from across the pond who can't spell.
8. Team that likes space and something to cook citrus fruit in.
9. Something you might do at a feed station.
10. Seldom used route to Ski station always produces fireworks.
11. Sirname of 18.
12. Cycle club in Manchester gets help from Boxer to roll along.
13. Overweight East German wins junior WC here in Northern European country.
14. City of 13 location.
15. Macugnaga brings joy to Italian super domestique.
16. Flandrian race passes through this, the graveyards of fallen men.
17. Exploding spar on sailing ship?
18. Christian name for large Spanish bloke's under-performing successor.
19. Bert suffers stiffness in death again and again in the afterlife.
20. First take in some Dutch Gold and then go like an arrow.
21. Big German who has a habit of complaining in a persistent and nagging manner.
22. Former Ethiopian Province throws up TdF revelation.
seanoconn - gruagach craic!


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