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Help a newbie out here!

Stij747Stij747 Posts: 2
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OK I've decided on getting a bike for commuting and travelling around the city where I'm going to Uni - Liverpool. Since I travel to Manchester and surrounding cities by train fairly often I'd like it to be light enough to carry on or off the train (pls note that I'd like to avoid the folding bikes). I'm also unsure about weather a fixie is a good idea since I may need to climb hills etc getting around town.

I do have access to a retro steel framed raleigh road bike (its called a solo racer I think?) But that would need quite a bit of work before it could be a daily commuter since theres lots of surface rust, the cables are knackered and the brakes rub. Not to mention the fact that it needs two new tyres and innertubes. It also feels pretty heavy to carry around.

The other obvious option is to buy a bike which is where I need your help - Is it worth buying an entry level road bike new (if so, reccomendations?) or buying a used, higher spec bike (again, reccomendations would help)?


  • sirmolsirmol Posts: 287
    Depends on what kind of bike you want - commuting on a road bike short distances might not be comfortable for you - then again it might! You could always look at the hybrids I really like this kind;
    Smart bike with a really good groupset as well.
    Get yourself to a local bike shop sit on a few - see if they will allow you to test some and have a few miles sat in the position to see if you would be able to do it daily.
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