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Breaking Down Scar Tissue

quarkradquarkrad Posts: 51
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I have just bought one of the foam rollers with bobbles on it to help breakdown some scar tissue I have in one thigh. As I have read … it certainly is painful – I have only used it once and rolled slowly not only over the effected area but the whole of the thigh (I used the roller all over my legs, t-bands, calfs, etc). I guessed I only rolled my thighs/quads for about three minutes as it was quite painful and now, after the session, my thigh feels mildly painful so I feel I certainly effected the area (breaking down the scar tissue). I would like some advice on how long, in any one area (say the thighs), one should 'roll' and the frequency, e.g. once or twice a day or once/twice a week. Any advice appreciated.


  • diydiy Posts: 6,473
    I can't comment on your scar tissue, but I roller for about 10 mins 2 times a week. normally as part of a proper stretch.

    IMO you have to do a lot of stretching to stay injury free.
  • Interesting, I can't comment on scar tissue as I have never been affected by it. By this I mean.

    I have had my hand operated on by one of the best hand surgeons in the UK, at no point did scar tissue cross my mind or his mind. I was happy to have just to have full use of the hand.

    Plus the scar makes a talking point.
  • TonyJamsTonyJams Posts: 214
    Not sure how deep your incision is but can you massage the scar tissue with your thumbs rather than just a foam roller? Should give more targeted results.
  • Can't comment on using a roller - but after I'd badly torn my calf muscle (where it crosses over & connects to the back of the knee) a few years back I had to have physio and deep muscle massage to break down the scar tissue.
    Basically the physio spent 20 minutes shoving his thumbs into the top of my calf & back of my knee once a week for 6 weeks.
    That was more painful than the injury!!
  • Hi, recent research shows that roller in doesn't break down scar tissue, hence why you have to keep doing it indefinitely. If it's a serious issue I'd personally recommend a physio or a movement specialist. I did my training with a company called Faster (Google fastersglobal) & there stuff works much more quickly, without pain & the results last.

    If you let me know what part of your thigh I van give you a few suggestions to get you going. If it is the quad where the scar tissue is, youtube gary gray hip flexor & that should give you some good stuff too.

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