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New Chain and Cassette - Chain slipping under moderate load

BeansontoastBeansontoast Posts: 75
edited December 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi Everyone,

I have just replaced my chain and cassette.

I also had a go at re-indexing.

On the stand, the changes are smooth.

On the road, the chain slips under only a moderate amount of load which makes the ride impossible.

New chain - KMC x9.93
New cassette Shimano CS-M770 11-34.

Considering indexing is "i think" ok, can someone advise on what else may be causing this?

Would chain length have anything to do with this?
Would the chainrings have anything to do with it?

Both the chain and cassette were around 5 years old.

Specialised Pitch Pro 2009.

I have a feeling this is gonna be a schoolboy error but I'm not sure what exactly.

Thanks ......


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