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I've ordered a pair of 55mm carbon clincher rims for Light-bicycle, and my plan is to build them with Tune Mig 70/Mag 170 hubs 16/20h. The front wheel will be radial with DT Aerolite, but what about the rear wheel? I'm thinking 2x on both sides with Aerolite on NDS and Aerocomp (a bit heavier spokes) on DS, but what do you guys think?


  • Difficult to find the sizes, especially with Aerocomp... actually I do have some I'd love to get rid of, as I no longer build wheels... drop me a line with the size you need, you never know we might both get a deal!

    Aerolite? I think Sapim CX Ray is more ubiquitous and generally a tad cheaper, I would go for the latter
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    x2 both sides at the rear should be fine - assuming you are going for 24 or 28 spokes. If you're a Clyde then higher spoke counts and x3 would be more traditional and maybe more reliable in which case using Laser spokes (or DT Revolutions) would be Ok
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  • I'm going with 20 spokes on the rear wheel. DT Aerolite 2x on both sides is the plan now. Didn't seem to be any point to use heavier spokes on the DS.