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Force CX1 Poor gear shifting

How Far is too FarHow Far is too Far Posts: 534
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I have a Force CX1 set up 42T front and 11/36 rear. The bike has never been that sharp on gear changing. I have tried new cables and regular adjustmest including the B gap etc. But I can not get all the gears to change smooth. It can be set up so 1st to 5th are ok and the rest slow to change down. Or the other way around.

The rear mech hanger has been aligned and the bike has been back to the shop at least 5 times. But it is still the same.

Does anyone else have the same problem or any suggestions on what to try to fix it.


  • ddraverddraver Posts: 24,971
    A) if you re using it for CX then nothing will help save cleaning it every 20m

    B) SRAM was very sensitive to the curve of the cable that loops into the rear mech. does the cable enter the mech in a straight line?

    C) Clutch mechs are great but you do loose a bit of feather touch shifting with them as you re using against the clutch. Can you try a different Force Set up maybe to check that it's yours with the problem?
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  • I have used it for racing but it has had new inner and outer cable just last week and only been used on the road since to test it.

    Yes it has a longish loop to the rear mech.

    I have a MTB with Sram X9 and the gears on that shift totally fine.

    This is the only bike I have had so much bother with, I also run a CX bike with Ultegra 6800 and that shifts totally fine.

    It has got me stumped.
  • 6wheels6wheels Posts: 411
    I'm using the Rival 1 , with 42t front and 11-36 rear, albeit the shifter is the road 11spd Rival (compatible, but cheaper).

    I use mine as a road/gravel bike and after a few hundred miles it has been faultless, but as ddraver mentions the clutch rear mech does seem to put an unnecessary load on the shifter.

    If it were my bike/problem I'd run a complete outer from shifter to rear mech to see if that improves the situation. As it's just a temporary fix/test, just cable tie it to the frame.

    Just seen your pics in other thread, as mentioned by dd it could be the rear loop, mine is nearly twice as long.
  • Just tried it with a complete outer on it and transformed the gears. Much lighter to change and every gear first time.

    I guess the routing under the BB does not help.

    I might try some of the Shimano polymer cable on it as they are on my other cx bike and the shifting is very light on that.
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