Cannondale BB30

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Thinking about pulling the trigger on an Evo Six but seen it's BB30 and there only seems to be negativity about there anything that can be done to stop the creaking from the box. At the moment everything I have is threaded.


  • I own a CAAD10. The BB30 started creaking after 4K km. Had to change the bearings. I think it is a typical scenario with the BB30. Have not heard/read ways to avoid/delay.
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    i own a cinelli xcr, bb30, over five years no creaks

    bb30 needs high quality manufacture, crap frames creak
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    Buy a Praxis converter and a new chainset. Sell unused other chai set on eBay. Happy cycling
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  • Are you sure we're talking about a BB30 shell?

    As far as I know, the BB shell of the current SuperSix Evo frames is a PF30 shell (similar, but not the same).

    In any case, I would give it a try first. What crank set does the bike come with?
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    Not a problem with my BB30 apart from when it needs new bearings but thats the same as any BB type. Nice and easy to quickly whack the crank off with the 10mm allen key and clean/regrease every now and again to preserve it.