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Pinno's Christmas Quiz

pinnopinno Posts: 45,289
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Work out the following lesser known song by solving the following semi-cryptic questions.
Use the first letter of the answer.

1. Poor geographical knowledge of particular area by same person in 15.
2. Spanish attempt at maritime controls.
3. Le petite mort.
4. A Rolling Stone and a Starman did this too.
5. Anglo-Irish soldier who became famous.
6. The sparkly stone in a monarchic headpiece?
7. Lance Armstrong pays luggage bill to Telegraph.
8. Type of French wooden spoon.
9. Junction induces need of drink.
10. World Champions win acting award.
11. Creationists would deny the link to.
12. Luxembourger once celebrated here.
13. River in Catalan City.
14. Location of small London club's shattered dreams.
15. Brutal and inadvertent cycling holiday destination in Asturia for Big Brother contestant.
16. Cycling apparel tested for all seasons in 8 days.
17. Renowned manufacturer of semi rotational forward mounted components.
18. Of or relating to the essential nature of a thing.
19. Birth origin of small bikini winner on behalf of recording medium sees red.
20. Feeble fingered cyclist may revert to alternative torque multiplication selection method.

Have a merry Christmas.
seanoconn - gruagach craic!


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