Campag SR jumping out of gear

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I have campag super record 11 set up on my bike and it is jumping out of gear.

Basically it only really happens on the sixth gear, on the small front ring and when im putting some power into the crank. I have tried adjusting the rear derailleur, stripping the cassette down and checking, cleaning the chain but still does it. Nothing is old, cassette and chain maybe 400miles.

Any ideas what I can try next?


  • A new chain
  • Bobbinogs
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    A new chain

    After 400 miles? I think I would at least check the chain first. To be honest, this kind of single skipping thing can be a blinking mare and I occasionally suffer it after fitting a new chain, hoping to not replace the cassette as well. In those cases, a new cassette usually did the trick but not always.

    OP, if all else fails it might be worth setting up the indexing again from scratch, see if that cures it. If nothing else, you will get good at indexing :)

    Might also be worth relubing the gear cables, etc., and checking for kinks as there could be a kink that only catches in a certain place which corresponds to the 6th cog, etc.
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    Park tools repair guide is where you need to look. You check all the normal gear stuff. Condition of chain, cassette and then set up the indexing. You work methodically checking one thing at a time until you find the culprit. Everything is in show so you can't miss checking something unless you are jot methodical.

    Read up at park tools no point in repeating it all again. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    It usually means the cassette is worn and the chain isnt. But after 400 miles that seems unlikely. I have heard of some alignment issues with the new 2015 SR mechs. I would start from scratch including checking the mech hanger alignment. Also make sure the upper jockey wheel isnt touching the sprockets.
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    Go on riding while avoidingf the gear that skips.
    Problem will solve itself.