Novatec Freehub swap help.....

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I've sourced the freehub for my novatec hub and am swapping from Campag 10 speed to Shimano 11 speed.

Is it a straight swap by undoing a few bolts, or is it more complicated than that. There are lots of washers in the bag with the freehub body.

I don't want to start on this until I know what I'm doing !

I've tried googling, but the few videos on youtube don't cover this hub by the looks of things.


So I've tried undoing it, i can only get what seems to be a protective seal and nut from the NDS - on the DS, there's a 5mm allen key hole and a 17mm 'bolt' along the spindle. I apologise for my lack of knowledge and proper use of terms...

I've tried undoing the DS with an allen key and 17mm spanner, but nothing is budging. I thought it would be a cased of undoing a few bolts..slide the hub off and doing back up again.....obviously not :(:(


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    venster Posts: 356
    Managed to get it all swapped over. I think I was having a blonde moment...