The weekend part one

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Good night in last night with the family, started with some nice English champagne followed by some lovely French wine and finished with Belgium beers :)

Today has been a decent 7 mile run, pig based breakfast and sorting out the fire wood. Now off to look again at the new house and plan changes, obviously we then need to try the local again.

Later is a babysitter, so decent night out planned


  • Morning Losers!

    Not a bad department meal yesterday, though they could have served the broccoli I'd asked for a bit quicker.

    Today I am doing a little bit more Christmas shopping, should be pretty much done then (the rest I can do during work hours next week, nobody will notice :lol: ) and maybe visiting someones house. Then I have a load of paperwork to do, which is my own fault as it should have been done weeks ago.

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  • Hang on this thread doesn't include the actual day!

    Only messing, I am working until Wednesday that sucks for me, so I hope all off you who are free are enjoying the yule time. TBH it doesn't feel like Christmas, and I love this time of year. But so far it feels like a normal day.

    I get my kicks out of seeing peoples reactions from the gifts they receive, this year I have none to give other than selected family. And if I am honest this won't put a smile on my face. So I would like to give a gift to someone in need this year, any ideas? Don't mean a charity etc, but instead to give a gift to some random person who has nothing.

    Any ideas on what to give? Other than the winning lottery numbers?
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    So warm here I worked up a sweat just taking the dog for a walk. Still pretty muddy out there, had to give him a bath afterwards. Now avoiding shopping and delegating the wasting of money to others. Later will be more jobs I suspect but I'll do my best to avoid those too.
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    Afternoon all,
    Been making a Mini sized hole in the garage this morning, that was a struggle but it's now filled with a Mini. Just had some good news. The boy has been accepted for his work experience placement next summer. Very happy and about as good as it gets in the motorsport world.
    Unfortunately now need to go and meet the Mrs in Kingston to help with some stuff. This will be followed by pub.
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    Bon saturday merd mangers

    Busy day of stuff in the alps, waved 8 guests off home (they left a massive tip! And i'm not talking about my obvious!) this leaves us with 6 guests who are doing the decent thing and leaving tomorrow, to be replaced by a large family group of 15!!!! Hope they're not interested in skiing! As the slopes are struggling with the spring like temps!

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