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I have seen a few posts referring to 'fit and forget' and 'ride til it dies' and I thought I would start a post about why I do not see things that way and maybe add some advice for new commuters - I am sure many of you will agree with the below or maybe not.

Would be good to get some feedback.

Anyway I would suggest that everyone regardless of bike type clean their bike at least once a month for the following reasons:

1. It gives you a chance to spot problems before they become major or worse yet dangerous - If you are inspecting your bike even if its just 15 mins once a month you will be able to pick up on things like torn tyre side walls or loose brake cables. These are just some of the things you really do not want to fail whilst on the road.

2. Makes things last longer - Keeping your drive-train clean and lubed over winter will massively increase its lifespan and crucially save you £ in the long run.

For me I follow some simple checks when I give my bike a once over, So other than cleaning it I also:

* De-grease and re-lube the chain
* Check and top up tyres with air
* Nip up loose bolts for brakes / Seatpost / Chainset / Pedals etc
* Replace batteries if required for bike lights (although I have USB lights now)
* Check headset / BB and Wheels for play in the bearing
* If required adjust mechs to account for any cable stretch etc

The whole process including cleaning my bike takes about 30 mins so no big deal and given that I will often hit 30+ MPH on the downhill sections of my ride defo worth it imho, The last thing I would want is to be relying on worn out brake cables and dodgy tyres.

I also normally remove and re-grease the BB and replace the chain each year as well.

Any other advice from fellow commuters ?


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    (sorry just how it makes me feel, its a personal thing and I have no intention to lecture anyone)
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    I'm actually quite proud of the state of my bike - carrying half of Hyde Park around at the moment. Cleaning is girl's work....
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  • While I wouldn't advise bike neglect, having just retrieved my bike from being submerged in flood water I'm pretty pleased that the build up of greasy gunk seems to have protected the vital components from the flood water.