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hdavids2614 NOT TO BE TRUSTED

zaneladzanelad Posts: 269
If you have the misfortune to buy anything from the member, please, please use Paypal. Not the gift option, of course.

I foolishly paid by bank transfer at his request and surprise, surprise no further contact.

Quick enough to answer e-mails prior to that, now studiously ignoring them.

Goes by the name of * according to the bank account details he gave me.

Be Warned!


  • Google gives some interesting results. Including a link to British Cycling member? No idea if same person at all mind. Does the bank account sort code give a general area?
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  • AndyEdAndyEd Posts: 171
    Hi All,

    1.) Why was this not reported to us?
    2.) Please do not share personal details or what you believe to be personal details of anyone on the forum, it is against the rules, against the law and they will be removed.

    We will contact the user and see if we can shed any light on what's going on. In the meantime this serves as a reminder not to do PayPal Gift or Bank transfer with strangers over the Internet. Please use regular PayPal.

    BikeRadar Community
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