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110BCD/130BCD Crankset for 42t or 44t front chainring...

skinz1990skinz1990 Posts: 25
edited December 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the right place to put this but...

Im looking to build a flat bar road bike for commuting, fitness, etc. Im looking at a Planet X London road frameset. I definitely want 1 x 10 gear setup and i would like it to be shimano mtb drivetrain. Looking to build it as cheapish as possible so ideally would all be deore level stuff.

The single ring cranksets I have seen have a 104bcd. To use a Raceface Narrowride Chainring at 42t or 44t its says its 110BCD or 130BCD.

What crankset do I need for these? Is there a shimano mtb single ring setup I can use (not the new M8000 11speed stuff as I want it to be as cheap a build as possible!) or do I need to but a double crankset and butcher it? or will I need a cyclocross/road/single speed/track specific???


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