Guard advice

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Hi All

I have recently updated my commuter to run wider tyres - Now up to 35c from 25c , Stupidly I failed to take into account my mudguards and as such the new tyres are too wide for the guards. The frame clearance with these tyres are too tight to fit the next size up guards so I am a bit stuck. I have checked an no traditional guards will fit with the new tyres.

I don't want to get rid of my new 35c tyres because A) waste of money B) I really really like these new tyres -very comfy and give extra grip/confidence in the wet.

I am thinking of getting a downtube mounted front guard probably the Zefal Croozer as it seems to offer a longer and wider length than other brands.

Has anyone used this before? I totally get that it won't be as good as a proper guard but hopefully it will be better than nothing.

The rear is fine as my pannier rack has a solid guard built into it which works fine with the new tyres plus my waterproof saddle bag keeps my backside dry. I run a simple 1 x 8 setup and clean the bike weekly.

Advice / Thoughts ?