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Which Compact Handlebar?

JesseDJesseD Posts: 1,961
edited December 2015 in Road buying advice
Up to now I have been using FSA Wing Pro Compact Bars on my bikes in size 44cm, however I am feeling like these are a little too wide for me now so have been looking for some in a 42cm width, but herein lies the problem as they only seem to be available in gloss white nowadays!!!! :(

This has led me to looking at what else is out there which is similar in shape etc, and as I will be replacing the bars on my 2 existing bikes plus the new bike so will need to buy 3 pairs, cost is a consideration, I suppose £50-£60 per set of bars is justifiable, (also as I am a bike tart I also will replace the stems and seat posts to match as I like all of these to be the same branding). Speaking of branding, plain/matt black is preferable.

What I like about the FSA's is the flat section on the tops, I also like the shape of the drops and the fact the bottom section extends quite far backwards and also flares out a bit. I find the bars plenty stiff enough when sprinting but don't think I would want any think more flexible.

Any suggestions?
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