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Garmin Edge500 PC connection

Raul#2Raul#2 Posts: 2
edited December 2015 in The workshop
Hi everybody,
I've a Garmin Edge 500 and had no problems for last ca. 4 years. Last summer I had problems with PC/MAC connection: it received/sent no signal from/to computer, and once the battery was gone there was no way to recharge it. I tried with many cables, hard reset, PC formatting, WebUpdater and so on: no solution. So i bought a 510.

Few days ago i tried again to connect my old Edge 500 to computer and... unexpectedly it worked properly without any problems! I recorded some training sessions and downloaded correctly data. Unfortunately yesterday some problems appeared again....

Now, the computer (both PC and Mac) cannot see Edge 500 at all. Garmin receives only the electrical signal from usb connection and it sounds for a long time his bothersome "biiiip-biiip" until Edge 500 turns automatically down (and does not charge).

Concluding: Edge 500 itself works fine. I think that connection problems are related to a Edge 500 software bug. I suspect there is a partition on Edge 500 and my last chance is to format the whole memory of Edge 500.

Am I wrong? Any suggestions?

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