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Gea.Bike 2016 july 9, a bikepacking adventure in Tuscany

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Hi bikers, this is Sam from Italy,
I would like to share with you the Gea.Bike project.
I worked on it for a long time, and now i'm proud to introduce the Gea.Bike trail to the riders.
Gea.Bike is a trail that crosses all the appenninic ridge on the mountains in Tuscany, Italy
450 km, 15000 m D+, 37 passes, 2 National Parks.
The Great Appenninic Excursion (GEA) is a world wide famous track, created in '80s by two great hikers and mountaineers.
Since that age the Gea trail has been walked by thousand of hikers, and also some bikers challenged themselves in parts of that trail.
The dream was to make the whole trail available for bikes, and after months of exploration, studying and tracking, that dream come true.
Now the whole track has been remapped for biking, keeping the original line when possible, and finding alternative trails where the original is impossible to climb.
The next step is an adventure on Gea.Bike trail, in bikepacking style, unsupported, for the pioneers that will ride it for the first time.
Save the date: [size=15pt]July 9, 2016[/size]

All the details at



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