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Pinnacle Lithium and Cobalt 2015 Recall

VentricleVentricle Posts: 2
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Evans Have put out a safety recall on their Pinnacle Lithium and Cobalt 2015 models:

"We have received reports of rear wheel slip issues on some Pinnacle bikes sold since late 2014. We have identified an issue with a small number of rear mech hangers that can result in the rear wheel slipping. The rear mech hanger is a separate replaceable part that is attached to the frame and the rear gear mechanism attaches to it. It is designed to protect the frame from potential damage.

To ensure the continued safety of our customers, we are conducting a recall on models using this hanger and replacing those for all customers, along with the associated nut and bolt. As a precaution, please discontinue use of your bike until the new hangar has been fitted."

After explaining that I use the bike to commute and the difficulty in getting to my nearest Evans Cycles they offered me £0.40 a mile in expenses or to send out the part and contribute up to £20 to get this replaced (wanting receipts as proof before refunding).

I'm a bit annoyed as this is a safety recall and I took my 2 year old daughter out several times on the back of the bike through the summer subjecting her to unnecessary and unknown risk. Not too pleased :evil:

I thought I'd spread the word as this was not the first issue I have had with the bike


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    One post ranter? Yawn......

    The other risks associated with cycling almost certainly far outweighed the minor risk from this issue anyway... Zzzzzzzz
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