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Morning - looking to do a London to Paris charity ride next year and google brings up hundreds of them. It looks like the Action one in July would be good with the Tour finish but there are a few others from other charities kicking around.

I'm looking for decent organization plus backup and a big enough group to make this a fun few days.



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    I have only ever done the Royal British Legion Poppybike ride, so cannot compare it to other rides. The first time we did it the weather was absolutely appalling, poured with rain for 3 days strong head winds for 2.5 days, people on the ride still talk about it now. However we had such a laugh we went back again twice!
    I could not fault the organization, support, and camaraderie on this ride and would highly recommend it. Once in France you have outriders making sure you ride "traffic free" and don't get split up at junctions etc.
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    I can throroughly reccommend the Action Medical Research one! Really slickly delivered, great route, great food and nice friendly staff. I believe Action have been delivering London to Paris events for longer than most other charities and take the biggest group from the UK each year.
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  • Hi,

    I organise and run London to Paris events with my company More Adventure ( We have dates throughout the year and our trips do not require minimum sponsorship.


    We can also run bespoke trips for groups, including the London to Paris Cycle

    "After looking at several options we decided that More Adventure looked like a good company with plenty of experience in conducting this type of ride. From day one of the ride we were all filled with confidence in the three guys from More Adventure that escorted us, they looked after everything from feeding us at lunch time with a huge variety of food to having expertise in dealing with any mechanical problem that occurred.
    We found every one friendly and expert in their field, if you are looking for a company who you can have confidence in to take care of all your requirements and allow you to just focus on enjoying your ride this is the company to choose" Andy Gillard, London to Paris rider 2014

    If you need any further information, please get in touch. | Supported Cycling Events with More Adventure Cycle Touring: Your Guide to Everything Bike Touring
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    So I went with the Action Medical Research London to Paris who use Discover Adventure for the logistics. First class organisation, superb route and riding experience and backup team was excellent - managed to replace a rear drive-side spoke in about 15 mins out of the back of the van on the final day.

    Can't recommend them highly enough - planning to come back next year and considering the 24h version as well.