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Londoners: CS3: alternative route?

pmorgan1pmorgan1 Posts: 173
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One would have thought that one could never rant enough about the current Blackfriars underpass horror, but now with the road surface removed across the stretch of Vic Emb my patience is wearing thin.

What reasonable alternative routes connect Greenwich and Trafalgar sq/Houses of Parliament?


  • Basically just follow the parallel road that runs he other side of the river? (More or less)

    A few others on here do the same route, from memory it's not too bad though the tower bridge end can get very congested I think but it's worth trying I reckon
  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 70,640 Lives Here
    Aw it's good fun on the new surface.
  • rower63rower63 Posts: 1,991
    it's our section of pave - high torque, low cadence keeping chain under tension to avoid shaking it off etc etc
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  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076
    I posted this alternative route in your other superhighway thread but to avoid the underpass just keep going East until crossing on Southwark or London bridge.
  • Stay south of the river, up the A200/Jamaica, Tooley St, A3200, then join iPete's route above.
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