Wet Wednesday...

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Morning Losers!

It's windy and wet outside here this morning. Should make for an interesting drive in again :roll:

Today I will be busy, it's been quite busy this week sorting out a few issues. It's kind of made the days move on, but I'm getting pi$$ed off with people at the same time, who are probably getting pi$$ed off with me, but I'm beyond caring.

This evening, I need to wrap some presents for some Southern Softy friends, as one of them inconsiderately decided to be born 12 days before Christmas so I'm just sending everything in one go.

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  • tlw1
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    Good sleep, which was needed

    Working from home today as looking at a school for the rugrats later, then race home for the first decent Christmas party :)
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    Morning all,
    Dry, clear and a bit chilly down here. It's not even windy. That all made for quite a pleasant ride in, temperature actually felt like December, but not too cold.
    Tried to change the headlight bulb in the old man's motor last night. Poxy thing is a nightmare to get to. Having looked online to see what sort of bulb it is, then having to buy one retail as we don't stock it I got there to find the phucking thing is wrong. The only solution is to shoot a partsman, tossers.
    As it's Wednesday I shall be going to the pub later, this is a good thing. Until then I will be avoiding customers and abusing people in the office.
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    Evening pond life,

    Good pedal today. Just packed all my DH gear for ready for BPW on Friday but the weather forecast is complete shyte so we may go for a last minute bail :| Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
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