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Another front light thread

daddy0daddy0 Posts: 686
edited December 2015 in Commuting chat
My Lezyne Powerdrive XL has died. It seems to charge, but then wont turn on. Its probably the battery, so does anyone know where to buy a cheap replacement?

I'll be needing another front light anyway, the EPO has finished spawning and will be cycling to new job in Jan. So please recommend me a front light(s). Needs to be bright enough to light up country lanes at least as well as a Powerdrive XL, and have enough battery to last at least an hour (don' they all?). Also needs to be CHEAP. It'd be nice if it would last a few years too... I know I know, its probably a pick 2 type of affair?

Thinking that one of these might be sufficient? Anyone used one?



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