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Wheel rebuild puzzler

TomFarreTomFarre Posts: 3
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Hi, I have two sets of wheels, both set up for 10-speed Shimano/SRAM: Enve "classic" 45 carbon wheels with Alchemy Orc rear hub, and Pacenti SL23 alloy wheels with PowerTap G3 rear hub.

I want to get an 11-speed aero bike, and want to convert a set of wheels to 11-speed (the Enves most likely), and I want to end up with 2 sets of usable wheels, one 11 speed and one 10 speed.

I am told the Orc hub cannot be made compatible with 11-speed, so that has to be removed. It also was suggested I could move the PowerTapG3 over to the Enve for 11 speed. Not sure where this leaves me with the SL23.

Would like to do this cost effectively but also with performance in mind for my new 11-speed aero bike.

Any thoughts?


  • 1) count the spokes... they need to have the same spoke count (I guess 24) or the hub swap is not possible

    2) While the powertap is useful, as a hub it is a cheap piece of censored , with mechanical parts worth 5 quid, designed around the mediocre Novatec 482 hub... so it might not be the greatest investment in that respect (bearings, freehub etc.)

    3) The cost depends on the spokes, most likely we are talking about Sapim CX Ray, which cost about 3 pounds a piece. Labour for that type of wheel (Enve) might be in the range of 40 quid (per wheel)... not many builders will jump on the boat though... the rim is no longer under warranty and it's an expensive piece of kit, was it to crack during the tensioning of the wheel, who foots the bill? Bear in mind most builders are not shops and don't have an insurance that covers that type of accident... shops might have it, but they seem to be reluctant to make use of it and rather blame the customer for poor maintenance.

    4) The DIY option is a possiblity, but Enve use internal nipples, which are not ideal to handle for a beginner.... it's a bit as if the first engine you worked on was a Rolls Royce trent 900

    hope it helps
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  • Hi, thanks, great information.

    Looks like it makes sense to keep the SL23/PowerTap wheel as is, and ditch the ORC for an 11-speed hub on the Enve. Wondering, would I necessarily need new spokes for the rebuild?
  • 964cup964cup Posts: 1,362
    Either the Edco cassette, or (if you can) convert the Orc to Campag; their 11-speed spacing is the same as Shimano for all practical purposes. Otherwise, re-hub the Enve. If the PowerTap isn't already 11-speed, Cycle Clinic will sell you a new freehub for £30. Fitting takes, ooh, maybe 2 minutes.
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