Points race question

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I am wondering if someone could explain to me what happens in the following situation:

A rider attacks after the first sprint and sits ahead of the group for the remainder of the race but doesn't quite catch them. (Getting to about 75m behind the group at the end).

Does the rider get the points as they were the first over the line in each sprint lap?



  • I would say yes, they get the points. The bell would for the sprint lap would go as they crossed the line the lap before. Not sure why they wouldn't just lap though as you get 10 points for lapping the field.
  • The rider would gain the 5 points for the sprint and the leader of the group would get 4. The leader would then join the back of the group and gain 20 for a lap, leaving them 21 points in front of the next rider. If they tried to stay 75m behind the group they would not gain any benefit from drafting and would need to remain in front as a solo rider for the next four sprints (10Km) to be in the same position. Over this period there would be other attacks and some riders dropping out of the back.
  • Points scoring 5-3-2-1 for 1st to 4th place, shorter races tend to be 10 points for lap gain and 20 in longer races.
    In reality very few people would be strong enough to sit just off the back lap after lap... You'd normally take a lap or die....
  • they can stay there as long as they like/can and keep getting 5 points for every sprint. If the bunch isn't chasing they may hoover up more points than they would for taking a lap.