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Next time, I'll box my bikes-Bike thrown down and kicked

morglummorglum Posts: 2
edited December 2015 in Tour & expedition
After browsing multiple blogs, I decided to go the bagged (and padded!) bike route, thinking that

1) it's quicker
2) baggage handlers won't just drop and kick a bike if they know it's a bike, right?

Turns out that 2) was false. Here is a video of what happened to my friend's bike at Montreal 2 weeks ago

What is not shown on this video is what also happened to my bagged tandem bike. The (say, 6 feet high) baggage handler lifter the (say, 7 feet long) bike over his head then smashed it on the loading ramp.

Both bikes look like they crashed at high speed on pavement.

What's worse? The tandem bike never showed up to Havana (they took it out of the plane for some reason after loading it in the plane), so we didnt even get to go bike touring. All that time and money gone to waste, and no vacation till next year.

Next time, I'll box my bikes.


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