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Fixed Gear bike suggestions

sam_commencalsam_commencal Posts: 99
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On Friday on my commute I was hit by a car and fortunately I don't have any serious injuries. However my Kona Paddywagon looks to be a write off. I'd like to replace it with another fixie but I'm having trouble finding something I like. I already have an alloy Specialized Langster but it isn't as comfy as my Kona. I have a geared road and a cross bike so please don't suggest geared or hub gear alternatives because the attraction is riding fixed :-)
The main thing is that I commute 130 miles a week so I want it to be fast but comfy.

Must have:
Comfortable road geometry
Drop bars with brake hoods (not bull horns, flat or pista style)
Steel frame. Preferably some nice tubing.
High end components because I'm a snob and I want it to last.
Fixed gear
Carbon Fork

Nice to have:
Disc brakes?

My current favourites are either the Genesis Flyer (£600), Condor Pista (£1200) or 18 bikes Monsal - assuming they could do sliding dropouts (~£1500).


  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Disc brakes on fixed gear? What is your damage son?
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  • marcusjbmarcusjb Posts: 2,412
    Condor Pista is not ever so comfy geometry. You probably want to look at the tempo instead. (Great frame for sure).

    As above, disc brakes on a fixed? Maybe up front.

    How do you carry stuff on your commute? Do you want guards, rack mounts etc.?

    In terms of budget, you have a fairly wide range there. If you want really nice high end components, you are probably best served building up from frameset only - certainly what I did with my tempo and put some tarty stuff on it.
  • Hey, thanks for your replies. I'll check the tempo out.

    I'll scrap the disc brake idea. I can't find any disc/fixed gear hubs anyway.
    I mount my bag on the seatpost. It's a bridge street cycles saddle bag.
    I don't want rack mounts or mud guard mounts - I find I prefer the crud racer 2 plastic guards which don't use fixed mounts.
  • I have to ask, why not buy another Paddy Wagon?
  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    If you want disks, then get something like this:

    Then buy one of these:

    Alternatively, there must be some kind of way to jam the freewheel and stop it freewheeling right?
  • LazyLokiLazyLoki Posts: 127
    Pearson 'Now You See Me' or, if money is no object, Condor Pista/Tempo.
  • That Pearson looks lovely!

    I feel like a change from the Paddywagon. I think I'll scrap the disc brake idea too. Thanks for the suggestions so far! :-)
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