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Contaminated brakes?

yimpsteryimpster Posts: 15
edited December 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi peeps,

This is my first post on here in a long time.

I have a Specialised Rockhopper for around 8 years. I don't ride much and had it serviced every now and again.

The brakes have always been top notch and very very responsive.

A couple of months ago I cleaned the bike after a ride then used some Muc Off Bike Spray afterwards which i'd never used before. Apparently I contains PTFE.

The brakes from that point were next to useless. Front is OK. Rear is pathetic (which is always my favoured brake).

I took it down to my local Evans and they suggested I replace the pads which cost me nearly £60 with fitting. I tried it myself but the Avid Juicy clips were too fiddly so took it back to the store. They told me the pads would take a while to bed in. Unfortunately they haven't after half a dozen rides or so - nothing too crazy.

When I went back to the store after a month - they said it can take 500 miles to bed in. I left the bike with them for another week and they called to tell me I need an entirely new brake system which will be £££'s.

I've no idea what to do. I was thinking about trying to replace the rotor myself if that may have got contaminated.

Any ideas - or do I really need an entirely new brake system?

Thanks in advance



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