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Hi everyone!

I am thinking in getting a new commuter bike for next year. I currently own a Brompton but now my commute has changed to 9 miles each way and the brompton is feeling a bit too hard for that.

The commute is mostly flat (I only use a gear on my brompton) and is all through London city centre.

I am thinking in a Genesis bike because I like the brand an the look and feel of steel, but when it comes down to which bike I have a lot of doubts. I would like a comfortable ridding position, not as aggressive as track frame but still fast enough.

The options are basically between: road / CX / singlespeed:

Road: I don't like the maintenance of a geared bike, but this could be more versatile if I would like to go for a weekend ride. Here the option will be the Equilibrium 10.

CycloCross: I have never ridden one but they look like a perfect option for a versatile bike, specially for city portholes and road works. I guess you get the best of a hybrid and a road bike, am I right? The bike I am considering here is the Equilibrium 20 (not a big fan of the mechanical brakes on the 10, but still a price point to consider).

SingleSpeed: will be enough for my actual commuting, but I guess less versatile (I have to admit I am not a big fan of weekend rides though). Here the contenders are de Flyer (love the look, colour and the carbon fork) and the Day one (not sure about the mechanical brakes and steel fork)

**I am planning to keep the Brompton for small rides from the office to meetings.

What would be your advise?

Thanks a lot


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    Why not a day one cross bike? Single speed and disc brakes. Sounds just the job if you don't want/need gears

    I missed that you'd seen the day one! Doh!

    I also just noticed hoe much they cost. I think I'd be more likely to go for a pinnacle arkose for similar money. Cable discs are fine the arkose haze a carbon fork.
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  • Thanks for the reply,

    It sounds like the Day one will be the way to go but... Will I be spending a lot in a single speed bike and should I consider spending a bit more and have a proper machine?
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    IT really depends what you want. You won't be spending too much time maintaining a day one, whereas gears will want fettling regularly. And shopping around you could probably save a bit of cash on the Genesis.
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    There seems to be a good market in second hand FGSS - ebay and the London FGSS forum always appear to have a good selection. You can save a packet - but you do lose the safety of a warranty and most of your protection under what was Sale of Goods Act and is now covered by Consumer Rights Act