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Which DH Wheelset that is compatible with standard QR?

Look!No_HandsLook!No_Hands Posts: 3
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Hi everyone, just joined up and this is my first post!

So I'm looking to change my DT Swiss 420SL wheels on my Stumpjumper, as they're literally made of chocolate.

I'm looking for a budget DH wheelset where the only criteria is price and their ability to take a beating. My max budget is £300 for the pair, and I know that the pair must be able to run on a regular QR axle front and rear.

Can anyone suggest wheels which would be compatible with my current set-up?

Spec of my wheel:
(2008 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert)
26" DT Swiss 420SL
6 bolt fit that lock the disc to the hub.
9 Speed Shimano XT M770 Cassette
Front Hub: Specialized Hi Lo disc, 28h CNC flange and disc mount, sealed cartridge bearing, 9mm DT RWS alloy QR
Rear Hub: DT Swiss custom for Specialized 370 with DT RWS QR, 32h

Thanks in advance,


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,795
    You don't want a DH wheelset on a stumpy as it won't cope with the loads they can survive and you'll add a load of weight for nothing - you won't be doing DH on it!

    If you can get some Arch or Flow on Hope hubs they would be fine.

    The stock wheels are rubbish anyway, so you don't need much better.
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  • Ok thanks, I'll look into that - but the thing is after having these xc wheels I'm still drawn to the idea of getting dh wheels that are almost over-engineered for the job and type of riding I'm doing. I ride quite aggressively, and although I wouldn't take this bike over big jumps, it does get taken on red & black runs where there are lips, roots, etc...
  • swod1swod1 Posts: 1,639
    definitely look at hope hubs as they have interchangeable axel types so you can convert a 135mm QR wheel to 142mm x 12mm etc, same with the front to 15mm maxle or whatever your forks are using.

    from your description sounds like your using bolt through quick release axles.
  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    You don't want DH wheels. You're just going to break something else if you have wheels that stiff. Budget downhill rims tend to crack between spokes where they're stiff but made of cheap material. They also weigh an metric f*cktonne.
    Take a look at Hope Tech Enduro wheels. I have even used mine in a couple downhill races and they're solid.
    A smoother riding style will save your wheels and make you a lot faster. Watch any top enduro racer, they're so smooth and not at all aggressive. If you learn to hop over big roots and big square edge rocks it will take a lot of the load off your bike. Those older Stumpjumper frames are prone to breaking linkages if ridden too hard.
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