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New Bike £300-£400

PuzzledPeddlerPuzzledPeddler Posts: 6
edited November 2015 in MTB buying advice

I'm new to this forum and indeed new to the world of bikes, i've not bought one for around 10 years.
I've been looking around and what i'd like is a mountain bike that has disk breaks for my commute to work.
I don't want to pay stupid amounts of money for one bike that a cheaper bike can give me.

I have three ideas at this time, listed as most preferable first:
Voodoo Bantu
Carrera Vulcan
Carrera Vengeance

What i would like to know is if these bikes are any good? I've heard things about the breaks squealing terribly and or leaking.
I would like a reliable bike that will carry me to work and home again every day. If what i have chosen above isn't ideal, please do suggest other options.
I would like to be able to purchase the bike from Halfords as there is one in the town i live and would be easy for me to go back there if needed.

I know i'm clueless when it comes to this, please have patience with me.
All help is much appreciated and i hope i'm not asking stupid questions.

Thank you.


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