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1 bike, £1000. Too many options.

Big_JackBig_Jack Posts: 82
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Hi all, firstly I want to say that this is as much therapy for me as I tackle the sheer variety of options than anything else so, please do give me any advice to help my decision!

I have £1000 to spend (vaguely flexible) on upgrading from a bodged together 26" (may have seen my other thread) to, preferably, a 27.5/650b machine. I am not fussy whether it is hardtail or full sus (i've been looking at HT for value in this price range), but I would like it to be a XC style bike - I don't do any major mountain riding and am looking to hit the trails this summer a well as thrashing around locally.

The sheer number of bikes around in this category is boggling. I am 5.10/11, weigh 90kg (fairly fit) and am more than happy to build my own if I could find the parts cheaply enough. Any advice welcome.

Looking to take advantage of black Friday deals. Not hung up on 2014/2015/2016 on virtue of year, but if its useful features i'm interested.

Cheers, vent over,



  • It's probably worth adding that, £1000 is a hard stop for a hardtail, but the flexibility comes in to play if a good-value full suspension bike drops within reach.
  • BeardfaceBeardface Posts: 5,495
    2 options for hardtail and 2 for FS to consider (although there will be a load more and other peoples input would be valuable too):

    On One 45650b
    Bird Zero

    Canyon Nerve 6
    Giant Stance

    I've had the Canyon (the Nerve 7) which was great fun, a Carbon 456 (again good fun), and currently have the Bird Aeris, which is incredible and I'd not hesitate in buying a Zero if I had space based on my experience with the Aeris and the service I got from them. They have a black friday sale one here which is £1050, but you get full SLX and RS Revelation forks, which is great value.
  • ravey1981ravey1981 Posts: 1,111
    Get the Canyon. Its a fantastic bike for the money. Mate of mine has one and it rides really well. Only hangup is the Canyon customer service - clue: Im having a lot of trouble getting a replacement part from them.
  • duskdusk Posts: 583
    Calibre Bossnut surely?!
    YT Wicked 160 ltd
    Cotic BFe
    DMR Trailstar
    Canyon Roadlite
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