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jturn101jturn101 Posts: 3
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Hi Guys, Im just looking for a bit of advice, i've been an avid MTBer for a few years and Im used to just throwing on some padded shorts and an old knackered t shirt with a base layer underneath, however Ive just bought myself a Cannondale Caad8 105 road bike. Only thing Im struggling with is what would you generally wear throughout the winter months, Im going to buy some bib trousers and over shoes but just struggling what to wear on top. I was thinking a base layer and a long sleeve jersey, Ive looked at a few Castelli ones (Gabba etc.) but didn't want to invest if there was something cheaper that would do me for now. Any help would be great cheers and any ideas of products. Thanks


  • Really good question.

    If you are short of cash go with a cheap, quality brand like DHb. Defeet woolie sock and overshoes should keep your feet dry.
    Dhb Roubaix long bib tights will keep you warm enough even down to just above freezing.
    A DHb base layer with wind proof front is my go to base fron 10 to 0 degrees.
    Any decent cycling jersey, and a gilet will probably do the job, but as many on here will testify, the daddy of them all is the Castelli Alpha. I started off buying the cheaper stuff go straight to the Alpha. Less money in the long run IMHO.
    Merino glove liners and windproof over gloves, acwarm cap and something like a buff for around your neck and the job is done.
    Except if it pouring. Then ditch the Alpha and wear anything waterproof. If you pedal hardcyou will get wet inside no matter what you wear.
    Clothing does not really breathe. Even the top brands just get you a little less boil in the bag.
  • Brilliant! Thanks for such a quick reply, ive just had a quick look at the dhb stuff and im going to definately go for the tights and probably the Aeron Roubaix long sleeve jersey for now. The Castelli Alpha looks awesome i think thatll be something ill upgrade to.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    I'd not go Gabba for winter - more a spring autumn bit of kit. Pros can wear it in worse conditions because they're racing in it.

    DHB is a good make for you - check out Aldi jackets too - they're decent and Planet X too.
  • I've been wearing the ALDI performance jacket and it's not bad. New to proper cycling kit having previously used to top end hiking clothing and even at the cheap ALDI prices it's performing well. You might find one in your local store if you're very lucky.
  • mostlymostly Posts: 113
    Have a look at merlins new winter stuff seems good value. I've been using a craftbase layer with a castelli trasparente which I picked up for 72 quid and its been grand in the last week or two. In the low single figures / freezing I'd just pop a roubaix top on as a mid layer.
  • Do NOT go to Sports Direct. Their stuff is really censored . Check out Sigma Sport and Sport Pusuit for some good deals.
  • laurentianlaurentian Posts: 2,007
    Endura also seem to offer high quality kit at reasonable prices
    Wilier Izoard XP
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,467
    Jturn101 heed the warning from fatsmoker ignore at your peril. Have a visit to Decathlon they do a range of gear from bog basic cheap occasional use stuff to more expensive good quality every day use stuff. Base layers are your friends as are overshoes decent gloves and liner gloves also look at windproof gear as well, vented garments are worth looking at as well.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    How long do you plan on being a 'beginner' for?

    You don't need different clothing for this interim period. You need to buy the stuff now that you will be using when you have progressed to 'intermediate' :wink:

    My recommendation would be something like a Gore Phantom (so a very breathable, windproof, water resistant soft shell) and a packable waterproof/highly water resistant outer shell to go in the pocket for if it pours down.

    Evans Have a Gore Contest for £70 at the moment if you want to spend a little less.
  • mrkev83mrkev83 Posts: 184
    Wear whatever is comfortable and keeps you warm. You should set off slightly cold so you warm up as you ride. If you're warm or just right on setting off you'll more than likely end up too hot.

    I got all caught up in having to wear this and look like this, just wear what works

    I wear bib shorts, base layer, long sleeve winter jersey and in extreme rain and wind I will wear a jacket but you tend to boil in a bag

    Endura, some Aldi stuff and DHB are decent brands that will last you if you look after them. Once you get doing decent miles, talk to your local bike shop about your needs and buy then

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  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    Best to buy decent quality gear either in the sales or second hand. Buying cheap just means for most people you will soon be spending more. Its is a brave man who buys second hand bib tights though !

    I use Castelli bib tights , a Gore base layer and a Gore ALP-X jacket. This was all purchased at half retail price or less. If it is really cold I wear an extra jersey.
  • rowlersrowlers Posts: 1,614
    I've posted this Jacket before:
    It a seriously great piece of kit...
    Maybe not as breathable as an Alpha Jersey (it isn't!), but it's warmer. Its a little heavier and "stiffer" i.e. jacket like. It is worth 2 or 3 times the price in my opinion.
  • cyberknightcyberknight Posts: 1,238
    Decathlon stuff is cheap and good quality as well .
    I use a mixture of dhb , decathlon and aldi /lidl stuff for winter .
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  • Although I've always cycled I'm only just getting into cycling in any weather except good weather. This means I'm kitting up. ALDI stuff so far plus my decent hiking kit. Coming from a hiking background I believe in finding good kit at discount prices that work for me. We are all individuals with different abilities to cope with wet, cold.and heat. As such what works best for you might not suit me. However good stuff is it needs to fit you well to allow the technical fabrics to work at their best.

    I'm not sure what cycling kit is like since I have been using hiking kit, truly good kit from respected performance brands. It took a long time trying different hiking kit to get to system. I'm thinking.cycling kit is the same. Start off with the same cycle of cheap kit followed by better kit then different good kit until you're happy with a system of clothing that works for you in the full range of conditions.

    Right now I'm using a wicking base layer (hiking kit) with an ALDI performance jacket. It's warm enough for a cold morning about 3C but also OK later on in the day when it's warmer. It copes with rain to a certain degree but heavy rain needs a shell. If it's like that when leaving home it's not my.first choice as too warm under a hard shell. Instead I'm choosing a hiking fleece over the head style top under a climbing Gore tex pro cag. It's cooler but very wicking and breathable.

    My point is jumbled but basically a newbie cannot be sure what they really need so I suggest but budget like ALDI kit but pick a few good kit for key items. IMHO good kit for the lower half is important due to it being contact area. Good or at least fitting mid range footwear and socks. Upper body is perhaps less critical. Ride for some time with such a system then replace what doesn't work for you and keep what does. Later on you.can replace out the cheaper kit that worked with better brands that are similar for a small improvement. That's what I did with hiking kit and what I've started with cycling kit
  • bagz3bagz3 Posts: 253
    Planet X and Decathlon are very affordable and good quality.
  • cadseencadseen Posts: 170
    Also PBK and MerlinCycles are worth a checkout, they have some good deals on at the moment.
  • For me nothing beats the Rapha Pro Team Jacket ........ but wait for the sales.

    Unless it is going to rain hard, then you need something different, not because you will stay dry. Just that something with Roubaix type fleecing will get sodden and take a long while to dry out. So for rainy days I do multiple thin layers under a GOOD rain cape of some sort to keep you warm, keep the wind out and that will hopefully dry out reasonably quickly. Wind is your enemy, not water.
  • svettysvetty Posts: 1,904
    Assos /close thread :wink::wink:
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
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