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55 lb limit rack bending at 25 lbs

Canon FodderCanon Fodder Posts: 3
edited November 2015 in The workshop
Hi, im new here so I hope this is the right section for this post.

I have a Topeak Explorer rear rack without the disc mounts. It says the max load is 55lbs. After about a month of using it to carry a 25lb speaker for Bike Party, it bent backward at the lower mounts.

I took that rack off and installed a Topeak Super Tourist with the disc mounts, figuring it would be stronger at the base. After one night of riding again, at less than half of the rack's claimed capacity, it buckled outward at the lower mounts.

Image of 1st rack after being bent backwards:
Image of 2nd rack after buckling outwards:

No, the main vertical struts weren't perfectly vertical. They were slightly tilted backward because I couldn't get the seatstay struts to cooperate.

Aside from going to a different brand of rack, does anyone have any suggestions? I would go with blackburn or tubus but im already invested in topeak's MTX bags...


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