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Bronson 2 vs HD3

kemp_adkemp_ad Posts: 24
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Hi guys

I'm looking at at buying 150mm bike for trail/AM and bit of everything!
Googled away until until I'm blue in the face
Really loved the look of the Mondraker Dune but think it's too much Bike and the foxy not enough travel.

So I think I've got it down to the new Bronson or HD3.

Got demo booked for the Bronson this weekend but just wondered what the general option is over these two.

Not been able to find much comparing the two.

Any advice is much appreciated.
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  • Bronson2 has 'newer' / more progressive geo :)

    steeper seat tube (for better climbing position), a little longer reach (for more stability) and a little slacker head tube angle (stability again)
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    Having owned/ridden versions of both bikes and the Foxy, I wouldn't let the 10mm less travel of the Foxy put you off. It is an absolute demon all-round feels like it has more than 140mm travel and XR versions have 160mm forks anyway. The HD3 is a super nice bike, I owned the older HD for 4 years so know the brand well, awesome bike, but pretty conservative in it's geometry and even though the HD3 is better, I still think a Foxy would run rings round it. It's perhaps not as agile or playful as the Ibis, but in terms of speed nothing I've ridden gets even close.

    Not ridden the new Bronson but I was hugely disappointed with the old one I rode. It felt heavy, short and I honestly wondered who in their right mind would blow the best part of £6.5k on the build I was riding. The new one sounds better, the geometry is slightly more up to date and the build kits look better, but I think I'd still give the Foxy a serious look!
  • Transition Patrol.

    Although the Scout will also be more than enough bike despite you thinking it has too little travel. ;) Ask Rockmonkey!
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  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    Forget about the amount of travel, it's no indication of a bikes capabilities. The Transition Scout and Mondraker Foxy are both at least as capable as the Branson or HD
  • Thanks for all the replies guys

    I do like the idea of the HD3 being bit more playful, I won't be on it all the time so be nice to be able to mess around too.

    Will see if I can get Foxy demo.

    Forgot to say earlier it would only be a frame option so don't have to stick with ready builds
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    Bird Zero (current build)
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