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Strongest 26" rear wheel for a HT

D4V1DD4V1D Posts: 233
edited November 2015 in MTB buying advice
I'm quiet rough on my rear wheels in my HT. I know strength comes down to the spokes & correct tension. But is there a go to wheel (or type of components) for strength & reliability. The fronts keep there shape a lot longer due to the suspension.

cheers Dave.
I'm not a racer, but I like to churn out 2-3hr rides,
I love Cannock and Llandegla cycle parks.
Cube Acid 2010
Upgraded RockShox Reba RL Forks, twin air.
Updrade RockShox dropper seat post.
Went tubeless DIY style using a 20" BMX tube. Lasting well.


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