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Swapping Avid Juicy 4 RSL for Shimano XT M8000

Macster1Macster1 Posts: 122
edited November 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
Update: they fit fine, using existing fittings. Took to my LBS to have tightened correctly, (no torque wrench), and to have the hoses trimmed as they are quite long; especially the rear.

Feel good, but will give them a proper test when I ride to work


Hi peeps,

I have a Rockhopper Pro Disc 2009 model, I have upgraded my wheels and am now looking to upgrade my brakes, I have decided I'd like the Shimano XT M8000 I-Spec II, I can get a pair for about £110:00, (vouchers etc).

Now, I know not much about what I'd need to fit them, I have been told I will need the relevant mounts to fit the brakes to my fork / frame, I was wondering; is that all I will need if I do a straight swap? My current ones fit straight to the fork leg at front, the rear has a mount fitted to the frame/caliper, will this not do, if not, how do I work out what one I do want, (sorry if that's a stupid question), or should i just take it to a shop and let them fit them? Also, I was told new shimano discs would work better for them too, any idea why, I already have decent discs, and lastly, should I upgrade the discs to 180mm from 160mm; any real benefit?

I also want to replace my Crank arms as they are wearing a bit, (aesthetics), currently have Shimano Deore FC-M532 fitted, any suggestions/recommendations, and can I make my triple chainset into a double at the front without issues?

Thanks in advance :D
Rockhopper Pro Disc 2009 :D
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