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what chain crank should i get for this bike etc

mulberry4000mulberry4000 Posts: 3
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Hi i have a cosair optima but in need to get a new chain crank and bottom bracket. I am at a lost as all cranks that are going cheap are mtb but with the little taper sticking out where it attaches to the bottom bracket, were it sticks to frame if the bolt is tightened, so this type of crank is not good. So what chain crank can i get for this bike and bottom bracket 68 mm x 113 mm. I cannot afford much, so please advice

best wishes


  • sungodsungod Posts: 15,096
    chances are it's a square taper bb

    if you can post pictures it'd help

    you need to know the size of the chainrings 50x34, 53x39 etc. so you can match with the new ones

    if changing bb, you should bear in mind you'll need a tool to remove the cranks, and another tool to remove the bb; unless you've got these (or can borrow them) it's another cost, and when choosing new parts if you don't use the same style bb/cranks you'll need matching tools for the new ones

    are the cranks actually in need of replacement? if it's just worn chainring(s) then you may be able to replace them cheaper
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  • hi i got the crank removal tool . The other chain crank died so i got it off with no problem with special tool i got.

    If you press the link its has picture of the bike, yes it squared taper, 113 mm x 68 mm

    i have a shimano taper bottom bracket but the plastic cup is a pain to fit on as it hard to get a grip with the tool i have.

    best wishes
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