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Wheels - new bike ?

DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 6,321
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If am hoping to pass the accreditation at our local track soonish and plan to do some SQTs, possibly the track league at some point or I might just stick with them and regular club sessions. 3 options on a bike are :

- Use my current steel Fuji track - it cost me under £300 brand new so I'm guessing it's not the greatest but it's the only track bike I've ever ridden other than a couple of hire bikes I've not got a lot to compare it to.
- I've got a set of mavic rimmed box section sprint wheels in the shed that came with an old grass track bike I used to ride - I could get a Dolan Pre Cursa Frame and a few bits and build a bike up.
- Get something second hand for £400 ish.

I'm thinking option 2 or 3 but am I being unfair on the Fuji - I'm I just going to be swopping like for like ?
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  • I'd suggest you invest your hard earned cash in track time, not track bikes. The bike you've got is more than adequate for what you want to achieve. If you get to track league and find you are competitive then by all means treat yourself to an upgrade. But to make a worthwhile difference you''d need to double your budget. If the itch to upgrade is too much, then buy a set of tubular wheels with some decent tyres. Why tubulars? If you puncture a tubular on the track there's a 50:50 chance you'll stay upright. Puncture on a clincher and invariably there is only ever one outcome.
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  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 6,321
    Yes any new wheels would be tubs just seems disproportionate putting decent wheels on something with a flexy cheap quill stem, steel fork etc. Suppose I could stick my sprint wheels on the Fuji because the current set must be the cheapest of the cheap.
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