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Vauxhall Zafira

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Seems like Vauxhall drivers are going to have a cold winter. It looks like the latest advice from the company is to use the heaters "sparingly" until the car has been checked. As only 20,000 have been checked to date it looks like a chilly winter for the rest. Vauxhall stated that the issue is with non genuine parts being fitted and that it is those that burst into flames. Now I'm no brain surgeon but surely the number of these cars which have had fan/heater parts fitted after they left the factory will be relatively small, the number who did not get it done by a franchised dealer will be even smaller. So why does Vauxhall not tell people who have had the cars from new that unless they have had heater parts fitted since leaving the factory they are OK? Or are they saying that they left the factory with dodgy parts (hard to believe but you never know)? Given how many seem to burst into flames the numbers just don't seem to add up. Looks to me like they are hiding the truth on this one and trying to minimise the inevitable compensation claims from people sold dangerous products. So my advice is not to buy a car made by a company whose name starts with a V.
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