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Colnago AC-R wheel upgrades

JaymsieJaymsie Posts: 2
edited November 2015 in Road beginners
Hello all,

I am new to road cycling and recently purchased a colnago ac-r. It came with colnago Artemis cw-32 wheels which all reviews say are not good and very heavy (can't seem to find a weight online)

I would like to upgrade the wheels as seems to be good deals on wiggle (mavic krysium elite set etc.). At the moment, but not sure what to go for as am doing about 70-80k each weekend, and would use existing wheels over winter, but thought it might be good to have other wheels too? Not looking to spend crazy money as blew it on the bike!

Thanks a mill and any help would be much appreciated.


  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Ride your bike, nice wheels can wait until spring. If you are new to cycling then more important is a decent wardrobe with plenty of mix and match options (inc. gloves, buff, etc.) for the months ahead. You may also want to look at the tyres to see if they need changing, something like GP4 Seasons, etc.
  • fudgeyfudgey Posts: 854
    I also have an AC-R, bought it may 2014 and have done over 3500 miles on it.

    I was on the artemis wheels up until very recently as i kep snapping spoke nipples on the rear so got a set of Vision trimax T35 carbon alloy clinchers that are a bit lighter and much more expensive.

    Have i noticed any difference? Not really, id say its marginal tbh. They might get up to speed slightly better but other than that i cant really tell.
    But then i am no racer....

    Mine seemed to have slightly too short spokes fitted, they didnt go through the nipple all the way so bought sme longer spokes and brass nipples and rebuilt the rear wheel to use through winter...
    My winter bike is exactly the same as my summer bike,,, but dirty...
  • briantrumpetbriantrumpet Posts: 10,171
    I swapped mine for a pair of Shimano Ultegra wheels - a good pair of wheels for the price (I paid £190 in France through Wiggle). I also swapped the awful, spongy Colnago brakes for Ultegra brakes, which gave me much more confidence on fast Alpine descents.

    TBH, I'm surprised that Colnago have put their name on such sub-standard components, in order to save a few pounds, on such a lovely frame, especially when they've got part-105 groupset already. Once I'd changed wheels and brakes, I've got a cracking bike.

  • fudgeyfudgey Posts: 854
    Only cool kids can rock white bikes ha

    I have never had any issues with the brakes, but then, i have never done any alpine descents! Can get ultegra brakes for £45ish now, so possible upgrade in the near future!

    The new vision wheels


    And in winter mode with mudguards and the artemis wheels.

    My winter bike is exactly the same as my summer bike,,, but dirty...
  • briantrumpetbriantrumpet Posts: 10,171
    I just wish they'd make their branding a bit more visible...
  • fudgeyfudgey Posts: 854
    Yep, you would never know it was a colnago!

    The good thing tho, if you crash and the bike lands upside down, it still says colnago on the underside on the downtube so everyone can still see what you have just binned!
    My winter bike is exactly the same as my summer bike,,, but dirty...
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