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Inner tube question

rumbatazrumbataz Posts: 796
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I've just realised that I've never had a spare inner tube for my old hybrid bike. I guess I've been really lucky. But I need to get a couple of spares now just in case, as the bike is being used for Winter cycling so the potential for a puncture is far greater.

The tyre size is 26" x 1.5".

As it's a hybrid should I be looking at MTB inner tubes and choose one that is specified as 26" and one that will cater for a 1.5" width (the tubes appear to span a range of tyre widths)?

Now here's the bit I find tricky. Some inner tubes (Schwalbe, for example) specify 26 x 1.0-1.5 for one size of tube, and 26 x 1.5-2.5 for another size of tube. As my tyre width is 1.5 inches, which of those should I buy?


  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    If you have 26" tyres get 26" tubes.

    The 1.0-1.5 tube will be easier to fit than the wider one, and slightly lighter, so I'd choose that.
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