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I've got a couple of multi-tools that contain the required hex and torx wrenches for basic bike maintenance. Whilst these are ideal for use away from home, they're not great for use at home.

So, I'm after recommendations on hex and torx wrench sets that are better suited for use in a workshop environment - ones with proper handles and a small rack to hold them in and also one that makes them easy to reach and pick and then store in the rack again. They also need to have a good selection of sizes for all bikes and other uses like cars, for example.

I've seen a few bike maintenance videos where they use 'T'-shaped handles for their hex wrenches and a set of those would be ideal.


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    You might like to look at the straight handled (like a screwdriver) ones as well. They make easy work of spinning bolts in, then torque up as usual. Mine did not come with a rack but I made one out of plywood, just drill holes of the appropriate size, the shoulders of the handles stop them falling through.
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