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Jump bike gearing question

othelloothello Posts: 577
edited November 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
I picked up a second hand jump bike for my son, and I want to change the gearing, but I'm a bit stuck as to the options. We've not owned a single speed jump bike like this before (lots of MTBs over the years just nothing like this).

Current set-up is as the pictures. Single speed and looks to be a 28x15 gear set-up. My son wants a lower (easier) gear, so I'm looking at adding a bigger rear cog, as I assume that will be simpler/cheaper.

* How does the freewheel come off (i.e. what tool do I need) and do I need to look for a specific type as a replacement?
* What pitch is the chain/cog usually, as I expect I'll need to add an extra link or two which I might have in my spares box.
* Anything else I need to know?


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