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Deore FD (top swing/bottom pull) Top Swing Q

mattrixdesign2mattrixdesign2 Posts: 644
edited November 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
I am in the process of upgrading a used bike for my son. It had Acera groupset and some very clunky cable pull disc brakes.

I bought a Deore groupset for £100, every thing is now fitted.

I had(have!) some confusion on the front mech, I understand is designed to be top swing or bottom pull. The routing on my lads bike means the cables run along the top tube, then down the seat stay. So its routed to pull the mech from above. It seems to work, its quite stiff, new cables/outers. The cable guide on the downtube (15in frame) seems quite close to the mech, and the cable comes out at quite an angle to the FD.

I have got it indexing, on the triple chainset (bit of a ball ache and now I recall why triples aint the best!). So I am think its all fine, despite not being too slick in operation.

Simple question, but how is best to manage the end of the cable end? Already screwed one up by cutting it too short and it fraying. It seems to leave the cable end in an odd place, is there some correct way to tidy it/route it. Too short and it pokes out, too long and its likely to get stuck/rub. Seems nowhere obvious to tuck it away.


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