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jjtonejjtone Posts: 2
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Hi Folks
I currently have a lapierre Sensium 100 tiagra but want to upgrade to higher spec and smaller size bike. I'm undecided between 2015 Cannondale Synapse Ultegra or the 2016 Synapse 105 or lapierre Sensium 600 ultegra.(all similarly priced).I was considering the Mekk poggio 3.0 also until a Wiggle chat seemed to think my Lappiere had a stiffer frame.(and BR consider it soft) I know Bike radar are big fans of Synapse and the idea of a compliant "suspension" to smooth out some of my local roads appeals very much .I am not tied to saving seconds here and there(25-27 kph man on long spins) but obviously if one bike appears to be more efficient than another then why not go for it. Is Ultegra worth the extra cost over 105? Synapse all the way or do Mekk or lapp 600 get a vote ??? All opinions appreciated. :?


  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    The new 105 is very smooth even when taking my bike off road. My previous bike was tiagra and worked perfectly fine but the difference is noticeable. My wife had a Synapse and enjoyed it appart from the rim brakes, like myself she came from mountain biking and is used to hydraulic disc brakes. My new road bike has hydraulic disc brakes which are a huge improvement for my riding.
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