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IAAF...well me..drugs in athletics!! Who'd have thou

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So is athletics now going to fall on the sword and have a massive massive clean up , rather like cycling has been made to do...oh but don't forget there is no evil dark lord like Lance in the wings like a pantomime villain is there, no because the poster boy for athletics is Usain Bolt...and anyone who believes he didn't avoid a ban when ALL the rest of the Jamaican team got one, including his training partners..well, make your own mind up!! I certainly think that athletics has been awash with the smell of drug use/abuse for just as long as cycling, and, don't get me wrong, there have been some big names gone down...but recently?? Not really..and does anyone think that our 2012 Olympic cycling road race was won fair and square??
If, as suggested our Olympics in 2012 are tainted then will it be like Lance's 7 wins..with no one given the medals after the cheats are exposed, because if thats going to be the case then Lord Coe's legacy looks pretty feeble doesn't it.He encouraged people to strive for greatness, and it appears that some of the greatness was gotten by ill means...and if there is anything fair in the IAAF then the silver medallists should be bumped up, as should 3rd/ should all the 2nd place etc during Lance's 7yrs of bad luck, but oh the UCI decided against that, we have got to just endure a hole in the record books for 7rs because correcting it is in the "too hard to do" category!
Lets hope the IAAF handle their drug use claims and fallout FAR BETTER than the UCI, who if you look at it could only have made it worse if they had got FIFA in to oversee it all!!!


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    The evidence looks like the governing body is having a hard time facing up to the truth.

    Sponsorship deals, Broadcasting rights and damaged reputations are all factors in this. The athletes and individual behaviour will cycle/ wash though the sport to be replaced by new "clean" athletes.

    It's the leadership and the incumbent national associations which will be judged by their appetite for coming clean.
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  • there's already a thread for this...

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  • The evidence looks like the governing body is having a hard time facing up to the truth.

    Doesn't sound familiar at all does it :mrgreen:
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    Is this 1998 for Athletics, and a new 'clean' hero will emerge to save the sport? :shock:
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