Spz Sirrus Sport 2013 from commute to road

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Hello there!

I've considered for many times to sell my Sirrus 2013 in prior to buy some Allez series road bike. After lots of researches, my considerations are: Allez/Diverge are more money than features. I found that if I spent the same/less amount of money to buy a Allez Sport I can transform my Sirrus into something way better than Allez (components wise).

My concern is about Sirrus' frame geometry: looks like Sirrus has the "correct" geometry to convert it into a road bike - almost a DIY Spz Diverge's version, but I am not entirely sure. I do not intent to get An Espetacular Roadie™ (to get into competitions and so on), just improve my Sirrus into something more reliable and roadie-style with good mudguards (Sirrus' frame has the proper pins to setup it - Allez/Diverge doesn't)

I was wondering:

- Shimano XT v-brakes with PS' Travel Agents + Kool Stop
- Shimano 105 Groupset 5800 11v
- Shimano 105 hubs (if you have something better to suggest, I would appreciate)
- Continental UltraSport/Gatorskin 700x25c
- Mudguards - I have it already :]
- Specialized handlebars + Specialized Stem (both in Aluminium) - I am not sure about stem, though.
- A bikefit :P

Any suggestions?



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    Buy a road bike - doesn't have to be the Allez - plenty of other bikes out there.

    Leave your Sirrus as is - it's a handy second bike - you could sell it, but you'd not get much return on it. Put some mudguards on and use it for winter riding.

    Btw - I have guards on my Allez, I also upgraded it to 105 crankset and 105 shifter (just the right one - the left was already a double setup and didn't need the spend) - I use it as my winter training bike as I have a Tarmac for best ...
    But - I ride a tricross as a do-it-all bike - with full guards and plenty of clearance - good in all weathers (with the right tyres!)
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    Leave your Sirrus as is ... and use it for winter riding.
    The OP is from Brasil - winter is that day when the temperature drops down to 20 :)

    I'd echo the same advice - a second bike can be very handy, and it's a lot less effort to buy a road bike than trying to make a conversion that won't ever be quite right.
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    ok - wet riding then .... !! :o
  • (..)Btw - I have guards on my Allez(..)

    It fits well on Allez's frame? São Paulo has a rainy/cloudy weather - people usually says that looks like London's weather sometimes.
    jamesco wrote:
    The OP is from Brasil - winter is that day when the temperature drops down to 20

    That's totally true! Our winter is something around 14~10 C at night.

    Well, you guys made me change my plans :P
    I will go for a proper road bike - later I'll start some searching for options (Spz, Cannondale, etc.)
    Later, I'd rather sell my Sirrus and buy some fixie - I liked some State bicycles models. But I definitely need to search more (mudguards, climbs, etc).

    TL;DR: I am gonna keep Sirrus as it is. :P
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    I have crud road racer II's on my Allez

    they're ok for wet, but if there's crud on the road then they soon get clogged up - hence I ride a CX for real winter riding as the mudguard clearance is greater.
  • Hello there!

    Thanks for all your opinions. I did follow the tips and finally bought a Specialized Allez E5 (with Claris groupset). I am enjoying a lot my new bike. In the future (1 year or more) I can do an upgrade to Shimano 105 groupset :]

    My Sirrus will be useful for commuting and casual ride with my wife.

    Thank you very much for open my eyes. You were right! hehe!